KPDI Updates Programming Offerings

June 11, 2019 By KPDI Ventures

KPDI Venture would like to announce some changes to our entrepreneurship development program. In an effort to accommodate the needs of founders, we have updated the structure of our programming and support.

We now offer two levels of support:

Level I

The focus of Level I is to develop a solid foundation for your start-up. This will be accomplished through attending workshops and sharing results via group meetings.  

Participants get access to:

  • Dedicated Desk Space
  • Access to Meeting Rooms
  • Coffee & Tea
  • Hands on Mentorship 

Participant will walk away with:

  • Business Map
  • 6,12 & 18 month goals
  • Professional Picture
  • Personal Bio
  • Founder Video
  • Pitch Deck
  • Sales Strategy

Level II

By invitation only. Selected applicants will receive investment in the form of product development. Because all companies are unique, agreements are designed on a case by case basis.

KPDI Ventures is a digital incubator for
 our next generation of Innovators. With funding from the Ontario Black Youth Action Plan, our mission is to aid, incubate, nurture, encourage, challenge, support and celebrate young black entrepreneurs.
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