KPDI Ventures works with startups that employ innovations in technology and business models that promise a chance of delivering massive improvements to economic productivity and human welfare.

Our objective is to assist growth-ready, high-impact, Canadian ventures succeed.

We offer a broad range of services to help you take your startup business to the next level, all at no cost to you.

KPDI Ventures works towards the goal of turning breakthrough ideas into successful and thriving global companies.


KPDI Ventures offers an Idea Incubator program to companies providing real-world experience to students and grads for their startup and internship planning. 

Idea Incubator

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KPDI Ventures is helping to create our next generation of entrepreneurs offering incubator programs for startups and internship programs to companies looking to help provide real-world experience to underrepresented students and grads. We offer unique and dedicated workspace for our entrepreneurial colleagues, interns, and mentors alike, in the heart of Leslieville, downtown Toronto. Creative and communal, our impressive workspace is designed to provide all the practical elements entrepreneurs need to set up and launch. We’ve created an environment to foster knowledge and inspiration. Collectively, we provide technology, expert advice and the support of a professional network of peers and advisors.

Together we will be a catalyst for change.

What we offer:

    Each candidate gets access to:

  • A Dedicated Work Space
  • Access to Meeting Rooms
  • Hands-on Mentorship
  • Free refreshments to keep you going
  • Access to the Latest 
  • Plus you will walk away with:
  • 6, 12, & 18 month goals
  • Professional Headshots & Bio
  • A Founders Video
  • Business Map, Pitch Deck
 & Sales Strategy

Companies We’ve Worked with:


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KPDI Ventures will invite 25 post-secondary students and young professionals to intern with leading technology businesses. We’re seeking individuals with entrepreneurial drive, a great idea and the focus to bring incredible ideas to fruition. Successful interns will be placed with organizations specific to their interests, skill-set and aspirations. Upon completing the tech internship, a select few candidates will be invited to launch their own ideas in our Idea Incubator.

Our 2018 Internship Company Partners:

KPDI Fullstack Resource Telus

“KPDI Ventures helped HourPrice scale up quickly and efficiently with their professional mentors and talent.”

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